90 days today Sober From my drug of choice Pot I went almost 41 years without it I’m almost 43 It got to me My anxiety My depression My bipolar I told myself it was helping What happened was I was neglecting I wasn’t dealing Sleeping good? Was only a myth At least for me… Read More It


Forget about the past It wasn’t supposed to last I know this is easier said than done But Holding onto to something that hurt you? Will continue to hurt you You’ll drive yourself crazy Trying to make it through I know it’s hard But You know what’s harder? Holding onto the past It will not… Read More Forget


Relax Can you remember what that feels like? Do you even know how? Look around you Is everyone around you wearing a frown? That has something to do with it Misery loves company Find someone who makes you comfy Are you being yourself? That’s when you know If that is the direction to go If… Read More Relax