PRMF Summer Retreat 2019

PRMF Summer Retreat 2019

A retreat designed as a female adult slumber party.
Relaxing, peaceful, enlightening, healing as well as entertaining.

Your host will be Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF.
Author, poet, writer, multiple state speaker, mental wellness and sexual abuse advocate and founder of the Pause Reflect Move Forward Movement.

To learn more about her visit her You Tube channel

We are working diligently to give you more details.

Click going or interested on the event to stay up to date on upcoming info.

Total price ONLY $847

Alcohol free zone

I am so excited I may burst!

Over the last 10 years I’ve been a part of over 150 events.
I’ve hosted over 80 of my own

Wow thinking about that has me pause….

while reflecting on that, I knew I must continue the only direction that has ever benefited me or anyone else

I have activities planned to not only relax and quite possible help you with either childhood or adult traumatic experiences.
But laughter and community.

So much of our time is spent with our families. Putting their needs before our own which leaves us drained and we have forgotten what it is like to take care of ourselves which ultimately helps everyone else we care for/or work for.

When is the last time you went on an adventure?

Generation X travels the least according to statistics. (People born between 1960-1980)
Most likely due to responsibilities.

Many people have forgotten or were never even taught to take care themselves, but to take care of everyone else first.

I say hogwash

If we don’t take care of ourselves there is no way we can take care of others.

What is included?

4 nights in a cabin

All food- please let us know if any food allergies





Hot Tub

Plus much more

All for ONLY $847 plus tax

Check in time for guests is 6pm on June 1st.Sleeping will be chosen upon arrival.
Sleeping accommodations include queen size beds, queen size bunk beds, futons and queen sofa bed.

Come be a part of the 1st Pause Reflect Move Forward grown up slumber party!

I promise you it won’t be boring!

In gratitude,

Holly DressON NOT Holly DressOFF