When you put on your fleece As you walk out the door Do you look forward to returning home? Does your home bring you peace? When you are home Wherever it may be Looking forward to going back Is where your heart should be If it doesn’t What can you do? You choose to stay… Read More Peace


Part Living without their smile isn’t fair Do everything you can to show them you care Pray for them every night in prayer Dare To believe That you can one day achieve Their hug As this unbearable truth does it’s best to tug At your heart If you do? Then them, nor you will never… Read More Part


Hug your babies tight Remind them that everything is going to be alright Teach them to love more than fight Show them that your love for them can never be measured in sight And when life gets dark? Be sure to show them how to turn on their light #PauseReflectMoveForward