What do you do when all your dreams come true? 🙌🏻 

You create new ones! 🦋

I teach my clients to be happy with their past,  happy with their present, and happy about their future by teaching the difference between the three different phases of life. The pause phase, the reflect phase, and the moving forward phases. 

Personal growth is a choice. 

Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself is essential to achieve personal success. Remember it is a choice who occupies your time. 

All too often people become robotic. 

People get up, scroll on social media, get up to use the restroom. Brush their teeth, go to the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot and while the coffee is brewing they let the dog out and turn on the tv to have something playing in the background, generally the news. 

What if you switched your routine up a bit? Before you got out of bed you gave thanks for waking up and reminded yourself to pause, reflect and move forward with your daily decisions. Turned the coffee on, went to the restroom, brushed your teeth, then let the dog out and turned on jazz music in the background and then checked your phone. You’d be experiencing your life differently. 

Everyday we as a society need to adjust our lives and improve upon ourselves and be the change in the world that we wish to see. We cannot change anyone or anything. Only ourselves. That’s when change happens. 

Below are three different personal growth challenges. Which one will you choose to do or will you do all three? 

The 1st personal growth challenge 

Ask yourself in the mirror “What area of my life can I improve?” Then take actionable steps to change.  Or? Remain the same.

Life is entirely too short to be miserable. If you aren’t happy? You are choosing not to be. 

When you choose to grow and yes it is a choice, you experience life with a better understanding of yourself. 

2nd personal growth challenge 

Below are three ways you can learn why it is you do what you do, when you do. 

– Pause 

– Reflect 

– Move Forward 

When you apply these three actions in your day to day choices you learn the what, the why and the how of you. 

In order to be your best you? 

You must understand you 

Learn what personal growth  steps need to taken to build a healthy relationship with yourself and others. 

The 3rd personal growth challenge 

Do something today that makes you happy! 

Interested in challenging yourself even more to in becoming the best version of you? 

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End this year with a bang! 

You owe this to yourself! 

You will learn how to distinguish three different phases get to where you not only want to be, but need to be. 

  • Pause phase 
  • Reflect phase 
  • Move Forward phase 

Receive actionable steps to the phase you not only want to be, but need to be in your life. 

Set yourself up for an incredible 2021 

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