Next It Is

Those text messages you go to send and you take the time to pause and reflect.

Then you miraculously don’t send it.

You spent your time crafting the perfect text.

You double and triple check for spelling and grammar errors.

Also for spacing and dashes because you made a list.

Then you copy the text to its entirety and then look for the “x” inside the arrow shaped symbol to the right of your iPhone.

You find it.

You pause and reflect again because you are not sure which way to go.

The decision is mind boggling.

All the time you took to create this glorious creative, perfectly crafted conversation starter and ask yourself, “Does the other person on the other end of this text need anymore of your good energy only to be taken away from you when you have worked so diligently on being this current version of yourself once you press send, again?”

You pause some more and reflect some more and then.

You realize you created a scenario in your head that doesn’t even exist for a conversation with someone whose actions show they aren’t interested in you or anything it is you have to say.

You move forward.

You move forward by saying to yourself “not anymore, they don’t deserve me.”

“X” and next it is.


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