I’ve known misery

And it loves company
I paused and reflected on my life
About the things that have been done to me
I learned so many lessons
I now call them blessons
Happiness is a choice
Which is why I choose to use my voice
You are reading this today
Because I could no longer keep my feelings at bay
I decided to stand up
If you knew all the bad things that have happened to me
You yourself would wonder why I didn’t give up
In order for one to move forward
One must heal all past hurts
The tears I cry now?
Come in spurts
I’ve learned to release
Then move forward
Crying doesn’t make you a coward
Sharing your emotions is a sign of strength
My love for my children cannot be measured in length
Nor in depth
I will love them unconditionally until my last breath
Pause Reflect Move Forward

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