Now They Know

9E8EFEE5-1E25-4BD8-97D2-FEF0DCB0DEDDThey didn’t know

How much the devil had been fighting me since I’d become a Christian

They didn’t know

I was a domestic abuse survivor

They didn’t know

I didn’t have a car

They didn’t know

That I’d tried twice that morning to get a ride from Lyft to be at church and no one responded

They didn’t know

I arrived late because I had to change out of my dress into jeans to get to bible study so I could ride my bike

They didn’t know

I’d tried on ten different outfits to wear the night before

They didn’t know

How hard I’d been working on my mental health, physical health and most importantly my spiritual health

They didn’t know

The chili I made for the chili cook off competition was made in my crock pot which was the only thing I had to make food with

They didn’t know

I borrowed the church pastor’s car who baptized me four years prior to go back home to get my chili

Because there was no way I could have carried the chili on my bike without spilling or breaking the crock pot

They didn’t know

How proud I was of myself to make up my own mind to make a vegetarian chili

They didn’t know

Someone was nice enough to drive my crockpot home for me after I rode my bike home from church that day

They didn’t know

I didn’t know

That I came in 1st place in the chili cook off competition

Now they know


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