I Used to be That Woman


I used to be that woman

The one who would repeat my problems over and over to anyone that would listen

I only wanted to talk about them

I wasn’t ready for a solution

People would give me solutions time and time again and I wasn’t open to listening

As I’ve learned that’s ok

Everything we experience as humans is ok

It is the made up scenarios in our heads that aren’t

I cried, boy did I cry

I’m surprised blood didn’t come out of my eyes as much as I cried

My soul felt as if it had died

I’m happy to say I am alive

Now more than ever

The devil thinks he is clever

Swoops in my mind whenever he feels like

Well I’m here to tell him

“Go ahead and try me”

“My God will not deny me”

I’ve learned to rely on Him


And the people I choose to surround myself with

Not everyone in my life knows how to cope with it

But you see

As I’ve learned

We are all here for different reasons

We are supposed to go through different seasons

We may not know why, but God has his reasons

Cry if you must

As for me?

God is who I trust


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