What are you enthusiastic about?
Your faith?
Your family?
Your life?
Your passion?
Have you thought about this recently?
What gets you excited?
If the answer is
“I don’t know”
Don’t you think it is time you should?
Living in misery is no good
What would you do if you could?
Think about it for a minute
Maybe even two
Why are you putting yourself through something that is making you unhappy?
And quite possibly sappy?
Look around you
Who you surround yourself with matters
Ifyou choose to hang around people who are doing the same thing they were last year? Maybe it is time you disappear
This could be your last year
Don’t spend it with yet another tear
Don’t fear
You can achieve enthusiasm
Everything is a choice
Use your God given voice
I know you don’t see it
I assure you it is there
Show yourself you care
Give yourself a dare
I know life isn’t fair
So change it!
Rearrange it!
Before you endanger your life
Everything doesn’t have to be right
For you to move forward

26 of 30 in the series



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