Eyes Covered


Are you living life with your eyes covered?
Maybe both hands over your eyes and you open your fingers while they are over your face?
Simply because you don’t want to face
When in actuality
Life is passing you by
While you are trying to get by
Don’t sit and watch
Try saying hello
To someone you don’t know
You never know
They just may be
Whom you’ve been waiting for
But with your eyes covered you cannot see
Don’t be scared
Have faith
You aren’t too old
And it isn’t too late
The life you have always wanted
Forget about how you’ve been taunted
Your gifts
Your talents
While creating the life you want
You may just inspire someone
To do the same thing
Are you waiting for the ding or a ring?
Go out and make it happen
Make sure you surround yourself with plenty of people who will be clapping
For you
And all that you are
Believe in yourself
You can and will go far
But you can’t
Move forward

9 of 30 in the series



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